Offering Central Vacs Since 1989
Offering Central Vacs Since 1989

Welcome to Central Vacuums by Roger!

Roger Varney, our owner, started in the vacuum business in 1987 and formed Central Vacuums by Roger in 1997 because of his love for the industry. We pride ourselves on being the region’s experts on central vacuums by continually taking classes to be current with all the latest technology and techniques.

Central Vacuums by Roger installs in both new construction as well as existing homes of all sizes with minimal disruption to the paint or drywall. We have also installed in a few very large commercial projects, veterinary centers, and hair salons.

No other company offers the same level of experience as Central Vacuums by Roger when it comes to servicing older systems. We carry a variety of hoses, tools, brushes, inlets, and filters compatible with most brands- especially Beam, Electrolux, AirVac, Galaxie, Budd and Nutone. We can even upgrade you into a quiet, powerful, Silent Master or Modern Day system from M.D. Manufacturing, Inc.

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"Roger was the installer on our Modern Day SilentMaster in our old home back in the early 90's when he worked for another company... What he did to figure out how best to locate and hide the piping in an existing home was absolutely amazing. All work was done and the house was left perfectly clean when he left. Imagine my joy years later when our central vac needed service and we hired him, not knowing he was the same fellow who had installed our vac! So happy - because we knew the quality and knowledge that comes with every call. Fast forward a few more years and we were building a new home with a developer. We told the developer we wanted a central vac and told him who we insisted that Roger had to be the installer - joy again - the developer knew Roger - so no hassle having to use "his" supplier who might have been different. New home installation was done perfectly of course. I can recommend his knowledge and workmanship; he will only sell and install quality stuff. Trust whatever he tells you; he won't waste your money but will not install an inferior product either!" - Beth V.

Central Vacuums by Roger, your one-stop source for all your central vacuum needs!

Central Vacuums are a vital tool for cleaning in any home!
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